Coach Hire / Golf Transfers

A number of companies specialise in Golf Transfers in Scotland - you will find these particularly in the main golfing regions of interest to visitors, such as St Andrews and the coast around Troon and Prestwick, or the larger cities.

The range of vehicles available covers from standard 8 seater minivans through to luxurious coaches seating a couple of dozen people or more - and all points in between.

You can travel as 8 golfers in a custom designed luxury coach with leather captain's seats, television, drinks fridges or you can hire a standard coach to take your golfing society around in a very cost effective manner. In both these cases you will generally have a vehicle and driver dedicated to your group for the duration of your stay.

An alternative is to arrange taxi transfers for when they will be needed, which will often be a cheaper alternative. It is important to book taxis and agree pick up times well in advance to ensure availability of a vehicle when you require it.

As companies and their offers can change we suggest a web search for 'golf transfers Scotland' as a good place to start. Ask for confirmation of the style of vehicle proposed, so if asking more than one company for a quote you are comparing like with like. And do not be shy to ask for references from previous golf clients to be assured of the quality of the company.

For taxi services for short transfers your chosen accommodation is often a good place to ask for suggestions for a reliable local taxi company.