Travel Insurance

For any golfing trip to Scotland we strongly recommend taking out travel (trip) insurance, or ensuring you have adequate insurance, to cover issues including cancellation cover and medical assistance.


Most golf courses, and many accommodation providers, will require at minimum a deposit payment, if not full payment, to secure your reservation. In most cases this will clearly be stated as non-refundable.

In Scotland non-refundable means exactly that - if you cancel for any reason the payment will not be returned. This is entirely legal provided this is made clear at the time of booking through the terms and conditions of the course or accommodation provider. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the booking terms at each venue or hotel, which are normally shown on their website and/or in response to your booking enquiry.

Should you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances any monies lost will need to be covered by your travel insurer. You should also therefore check carefully the terms under which your insurer will cover cancellation costs.

Medical treatment

Under the Scottish NHS (National Health Service) treatment at an Accident & Emergency or casualty department, including treatment in an observation ward, is free to everyone, regardless of their residency status in the UK. However, following this treatment, it is for NHS healthcare providers to determine whether an overseas visitor requires further in-patient treatment or registration as an outpatient, and whether or not they should be charged for that treatment. It is therefore strongly advisable to have insurance cover for possible medical costs.

A number of countries have reciprocal arrangements for medical care in the UK, which can be viewed on the UK government website. This will generally require having proof of being resident of the appropriate country and being entitled to reciprocal health care. This reciprocal arrangement may only partially cover costs so travel insurance cover may still be required to avoid charges.